Virtual Trumpet

Virtual Trumpet
Price:  $5
Shipping:  FREE

Styles/Categories:   Private Instruction, Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Virtual Instrument

Difficulty:   Easy, For Everyone

Play Trumpet online using your web browser!  Virtual Trumpet is part of the "Virtual Studio" suite of online virtual instruments, sessions and lessons.

With Virtual Trumpet, you can learn the fingerings for Trumpet across the entire range with real Trumpet sounds; change mutes (Harmon, Cup, Straight, Plunger); see the note you are playing; play harmony; change the color of your instrument; and even record licks for playback!

To Purchase Virtual Trumpet:

  1. Login or create an account in the Virtual Studio.
  2. Click the "Session" link within Virtual Studio.
  3. Virtual Trumpet will be listed as one of the avaiable "sessions" you can order.

There are additional free Sessions and Lessons within Virtual Studio so be sure to check it out.

System Requirements

Virtual Trumpet requires Microsoft Silverlight on your browser (Windows and Mac only).

You can try before you buy - simply go here and click the Try button.

Virtual Trumpet is ideal for:

  • Beginners wanting to learn or re-inforce their Trumpet fingering technique.
  • Experienced Trumpet players who want to show off their virtual chops!
  • Playing Trumpet anywhere you have an internet connection!
  • Learning to recognize the notes associated with each Trumpet tone.
  • Hearing and creating polyphonic harmonies.
  • Recording and playing back a short performance.
  • Having fun!
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