Virtual Trumpet Classic Retired

Thanks for your interest in Virtual Trumpet (for Windows).  This desktop software for Windows 2000, XP and Vista has been retired and is no longer supported.

The Virtual Studio which hosted the Silverlight Version of Virtual Trumpet is also now retired.  Thanks to all who supported this trumpet simulation software.

Virtual Studio Logo 01.jpg

If you are a registered Virtual Trumpet (classic) player you can still use the software if it is still running on your system but downloads of the original binaries are no longer available or supported.

The classic version of Virtual Trumpet was written in Visual Basic and worked fine on 16 and 32 bit systems.  But the growing number of 64-bit systems and advancing web-based technologies made supporting the legacy code a difficult thing.  (Besides, one must have time to play the real trumpet!)

Here are some screen shots of the "classic" desktop version of Virtual Trumpet. Ah, memories....