Goodbye L.A.

Goodbye L.A.

Rob Birdwell's original story, music and lyrics for Goodbye L.A. - the story of a family's dream for a better life.

"I had this grand idea for a musical - but of course it was way bigger than me.  Still, I chipped away at the music and story concept from somewhere between 1994 until about 2000.  My vision for the songs is somewhat realized here in these humble demos, but obfuscated by my limited production skills at the time.  I did my best with what I had.  Certainly Jeff, Jenny and Barbara added something truly wonderful with thier beautiful voices.  It's a daunting task writing a musical - when I dream of trying to write another I'm always reminded that I've yet to truly finish this one ."

"I'm very proud of the songs and lyrics for Goodbye L.A. - it was my near singular creative focus for a good span of time.  I do have plans to re-visit this material one day.  I don't imagine anything like a complete re-write, but perhaps a re-imagining of the tunes and certainly a more polished production - but most of all to strip away what needs stripping down and simply get the the core of the message of this story, which remains dear to my heart no matter how long I leave it on the shelf." -Rob Birdwell


  • Goodbye L.A. - story, music, lyrics and orchestrations by Rob Birdwell

Demo Cast:

  • Jenny Niederloh as ORQUIDEA, TIJE, CHORUS
  • Barbara Case featured in the ALVARADO STREET & FREE RIDE CHORUSES

Additional songs in the cycle that are fully scored but were not part of the original demo include:

  • Prelude (instrumental)
  • America
  • Living in L.A.
  • Welcome to Los Angeles
  • Is Anyone to Blame?
  • There's Gunna Be Trouble
  • Jupiter
  • The History of L.A.
  • Riot Scene (instrumental / ballet)
  • Goodbye L.A.

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