The Petri Dish (Music & Science)

ThePetriDish-RobAndBob2014-2.JPG Rob Birdwell and Bob Madar host this podcast where the heart and mind are cultured! Subscribe to The Petri Dish Podcast

Bob Madar has an extensive background as a science teacher and educational trainer.  Bob is an active musician and plays Trombone, percussion and sings.  Rob Birdwell is a musician and composer.  He plays trumpet/flugelhorn, keys, percussion and sings. He records and performs regularly and also daylights as a software developer.

Together, Rob and Bob collaborate on "The Petri Dish (Music & Science)" as an outlet to talk about music, art, science and life.  These Sunday morning sessions are the result of their observations and musings - it also gives them a chance (and an excuse) to record some music together.  Oh, and it's a good chance to laugh and have some fun too!

The music and sound design for The Petri Dish (Music & Science) is originally composed and produced.  Rob Birdwell typically starts off with some musical settings and together Rob and Bob lay down a variety of horn riffs, improvisations, drones and tones!

The Petri Dish (Music & Science) is produced by Rob Birdwell and Bob Madar in Corvallis, Oregon.  It is recorded and edited by Rob Birdwell.

Disclaimer:  We're just two dudes doing our best here!  Any errors, goofs or misconceptions are, as far as we know, not intentiona (and are all Bob's fault!) 

All episodes Copyright © Rob Birdwell and Bob Madar.


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In this maiden voyage episode, Rob and Bob discuss rain, water, and connect it with science and (what else) music!


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How similar processes result in the landscape we see and the music we hear.


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In episode 3, Rob and Bob discuss the physics of sound and explore our perceptions of sound in the natural world - and of course they perform some music too!

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