Horn for Hire

Horn for Hire
Price:  $25 per hour
Shipping:  FREE

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Styles/Categories:   Jazz, Rock, Pop, Blues, Soundtrack, Electronic, Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Professional

Difficulty:   For Everyone

If you have a project that needs horns, consider my Horn for Hire services.  With your MP3 guide track, I can lay down horn lines that will make your tunes come alive.

My Horn for Hire service is suitable for:

  1. Songwriters producing their own tracks would like a "real" horn section or solo
  2. Film and/or multimedia projects that need horn lines and/or solos
  3. Bands that would like a horn section sound for some of their songs

I play Trumpet, Flugelhorn and Tenor Sax.  Depending on your needs, I can use any combination of this instrumentation (along with mutes for a variety of unique colors) to craft horn lines that had that little something "extra" to your tracks.

I can also perform and/or double lines with with my AKAI EWI (electric wind instrument).

A typical "horn session" can run 2 to 4 hours and my hourly rate is extremely affordable.  I always strive to deliver more.

I record everything clean and dry (no effects) with high quality microphones.  Delivery of the HD audio  WAV files (synchronized perfectly with your MP3 guide track) is through the internet, making it fast and effecient to get your horn line tracks into your DAW where you can mix, master and get your tunes heard - with great horn lines!


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