Letters to Myself

Letters to Myself

Letters to Myself
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Styles/Categories:   Jazz, Rock, Pop, Blues, Folk, Classical

Difficulty:   N/A

These tunes explore various flavors of folk and blues with lyrical twists, introspection and sly humor. Perhaps best known as a Jazz Trumpet/Flugelhorn player, Rob sings and gets some horn licks in too. This release marks his first recorded Mandolin explorations, which served to inspire the sound and production of many of the tracks.

Track Listing:

  1. Another Name For It
  2. Something About This Town
  3. That's Not The Way To Love Me
  4. Old Mountain
  5. We Did It
  6. Danny Wore a Fisherman's Cap
  7. Things Can Only Get Worse
  8. End of the World Party
  9. Honey Bee (bonus track)

This collection of songs is available as a hi-def digital download, along with the front and back cover art and liner notes.

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