Sweet Surrender

Sweet Surrender
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Styles/Categories:   Jazz, Pop, Blues, Soundtrack

Difficulty:   N/A

Rob Birdwell's intimate collection of solo Flugelhorn and Piano Jazz impromtus. In this release, all the tracks were recorded in the moment, with very little preparation. There's a warmth and honesty that is clear on every track. Intimate, vulnerable, yet highly accessible. Order this collection today!

Rob Birdwell plays Flugelhorn, Trumpet, Piano, Synths, and Tenor Sax. 
Frey Birdwell took the "Backyard" session photos. 
Robert Crum took "The Bridge" photo. (RobertCrumPhoto.com)

Sweet Surrender is in stock and available directly from BirdwellMusic.com, but better yet, order from any of the online sites listed below:

The advantage of the online sites (CDBaby, Amazon, and others) is that you can order all the tracks digitally (as downloadable MP3 or other digital formats) or select tracks of your own choosing.

All selections composed, arranged, produced and performed by Rob Birdwell. Copyright (c) 2009 Rob Birdwell

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