The Past Is Present

The Past Is Present
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Styles/Categories:   Jazz, Rock, Pop, Blues, Folk, Lyric, Flugelhorn, Professional

Difficulty:   For Everyone

Popular and ancient wisdom reminds us not to dwell on the past. But sometimes it's necessary to look back to see how far we've come - and of course to humbly realize how far we've yet to go!

The title of this collection - "The Past Is Present" - comes from a line in the tune "All This Stuff" which basically tells one of the rare "true" tales of my conundrum with going through past letters, photos, songs, memories, and other life accumulations, while simultaneously living in the here and now with some semblance of looking to the future.

The cover photo depicts me offering a dandelion - my favorite flower! To me they're reminders of beauty, strength, resilience, and creativity. (When's the last time you saw a rose bush sprouting up in your driveway?)

I write songs because I enjoy the creative process, love singing and playing on the tracks, and hearing it all come together. I also write with the hope that my songs will be performed by others. After all, "demo" is short for demonstration and isn't every recording just a demo? 

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