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My Muse

My Muse is an original song written, produced and performed by Rob Birdwell.  The video came about rather spontaneously.  

"I love this song and enjoy performing it - it has a haunting quality that I enjoy exploring....thought it deserved some sort of video treatment.  It wasn't raining so I decided that some dark shadows and effects might just work.  Either way it was pretty fun to do!"

Blue Macabre is available on CDBaby

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Nobody's Business

"Nobody's Business" features the multi-talented Nick Rivard on slide and rhythm guitar. Rob's vocal has a slight "telephone" or "can" tone to not only sonically evoke a retro and bygone age, but to shoot a lyrical arrow squarely at the 21st century digital age (i.e., privacy concerns, marriage inequality, etc.).  This video (with lyrics) give a bit of film noir visual backing and the perceptive viewer will note the source is the great classic movie, The Third Man.

Blue Macabre is available on CDBaby

Order Blue Macabre mp3s from CDBaby

Beautiful Moments

This song is about memories - poignant times in life. "I can Google your name / but I won't find a trace / of those beautiful moments / from another time and place...

I'd written this song a while back but could never figure out how to record it (and perhaps I wasn't ready - maybe I'm still not!) - my own demos on vocal/piano just didn't seem to capture that special "something." So I made a date with fellow Lubian and musician/composer extraordinaire Dave Leslie. We recorded other tracks, but for this particular one I set up my three chinsy video cameras to (hopefully) capture a "live" performance. And we did! First take too. Dave was definitely that special "something" - with his playing I could feed off his energy and together we made this very special recording. I hope you enjoy it.

  • Beautiful Moments - words and music by Rob Birdwell
  • Dave Leslie - piano 
  • Rob Birdwell - vocals

Swimming Upstream

This lyric video tells the story of a little fish in a big strong river, swimming upstream. Oh, the things he sees - but how will it end for him? Will he be wise and learn from his journey? Watch and listen to find out!


  • Swimming Upstream - words and music by Rob Birdwell
  • Creighton Lindsay: guitar
  • Rob Birdwell: vocals, keys, bass, horns, drums, percussion

Halie Loren Pops Concert - Sway

A clip from the Halie Loren pops concert - Sway, conducted and arranged by Rob Birdwell.

This was a special performance featuring internationally acclaimed jazz singer and songwriter (and Corvallis native) Halie Loren with the Corvallis-OSU Symphony. Rob Birdwell served as the guest conductor (and played a little flugelhorn!)

The extrordinary talents of Matthew Treder (piano), Bill Marsh (guitar), Brian West (drums), and Mark Schneider (bass) are heard here, along with the always fabulous Corvallis-OSU Symphony.

Proceeds from the concert benefited the Corvallis-OSU Symphony Society Student Musician Scholarship Fund.

Read more about the Halie Loren Pops concert here.

Season of Change

The visual subject is a series of photos I took of our backyard Pin Oak tree on consecutive days for several weeks.  I wrote this music with this visual in mind, recorded it and joined the two - it worked out almost perfect timing-wise.  A thank-you tone poem to all fellow travelers, dear friends, and precious family.

That's How Strong My Love Is

Rob Birdwell (aka "Saxy" Sven) sings with The Svens on this Otis Redding classic. This clip captures the final chorus and ending/bows.

  • Viking (guitar)
  • Rob Birdwell (vocals/tenor sax)
  • Jake Bansmer (guitar)
  • Dan Bregar (drums)
  • Will Allen (bass)

To learn more about The Svens, visit CowboySurfPoetry.com.