jamman, digitech, loop, pedal, blazor, c#, .net core, librarian Looper Manager and Librarian for the DigiTech JamMan Looper Pedal (version 2, Blazor, .NET Core)

JamMan Classic Looper Manager Version 2

This is Version 2 of the JamMan Looper Manager. It now runs as a web app on your local machine!

Download JamMan Looper Manager


The code for this is still C# but now runs on .NET Core.  There are two options - a command-line version (for the very brave) and a localhost web application for the rest of us!

Stay tuned - I will likely make minor changes and possibly document some things.

If you still have an older machine running version 1 of the software it's still available here. That version doesn't seem to work for me anymore. It may still work on Linux and/or Mac, but not on Windows.

Version 2 Photos

Written in C#, the tool now runs as .NET Core code. There's a Blazor web application front-end.

This is an early photo of the initial milestone version of the tool.  It will likely undergo some changes, but most of the core functionality is in place and it works great!

Lean On You

Lean On You

I wrote and produced this song in a week during the world-wide covid-19 pandemic.

Be safe. Help others to be safe.