now, rob birdwell, projects, music, gigs, life Now page of me, Rob Birdwell. What's going on now? What am I working on? What morsel of information will I dare to share? This page was inspired by Derek Sivers and his Now page idea. It seems like a good idea. See his: ...and also his page.


What I'm Working On

Summer 2020

I'm doing other stuff too.  Some things (which I think are creative) involve software and learning more about the fundamentals of synthesizers and audio processing.  But to enumerate everything I'm thinking, dreaming, or planning is a bit too exhausting for me at this time.

I'm a bit torn actually - the idea of sharing what I'm listening to, what I'm reading or watching. Maybe I should? Suffice to say I AM reading, watching, listening, and learning lots!  Again, maybe I can do better in this department - time will tell.

I will say this: I'm hopeful for the future and deeply worried about the present. I support the protests. Black Lives Matter. I support science and reason. I will continue to speak out for vote by mail nationally. I love a good joke.

I love many, many things and people.

I'm wishing the best for you during these tough times.  Contact me if anything I've said or written is of interest to you.


This idea of a "Now" page came from Derek Sivers. For more information about them, visit

Solemn is an instrumental and improvisational setting. It's part meditation, reflection, and prayer. There's no set melody; I'm just improving over the setting and conveying various emotions musically. Recorded live on June 6, 2020 for Greenbelt Land Trust's "Music on the Land" series at Bald Hill Farm. This was a solo show with me performing with my loop pedal and small PA.
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