Mystery Way

About Mystery Way

I always try to write at least one original chart for my Early Bird group per year.  This year I feel behind with my writing goals ended up composing a "virtual chart" - I recorded the kids in the band playing short excerpts and then cut it all up into my own electronic production.  It a very creative project and something I'd definitely like to pursue more - always fun to try new things.  This tune features my first ever "rap" attempt.  No worries though: Jay-z's, Kanye's and Eminem's day jobs are secure.  

Still, I was especially happy with the creative process recording the students and their willingness to try something new, even though they really had to suspend believe on how their creative contributions would be utilized - it remained a mystery during the recording process.  But whether rapping, singing, or playing their instruments, they forged along with me and this is the result!

Audio Versions

Here are the mixes - they're all the same except for the "rap" portion.

Mystery Way - featuring Rob Birdwell on the rap

Mystery Way - featuring Bob Madar on the rap

Mystery Way - featuring Nick Rolen on the rap

Mystery Way - featuring "the EBJB guys" on the rap*

*This youtube video features "the EBJB guys" audio version of the rap section.

mystery way words & music by Rob Birdwell

{ instrumental... }

{ vocals... }

all aboard to mystery way...
all aboard to mystery way...

{ rap... }
it’s a place where you go
when you’re searching for the flow
a sonic contraption to entice a reaction
like an old school riff
with a hint and a whiff
of some crazy jazz lines
that recall the good times
of our friends and our family
and all our supporters
are we gunna be famous
will there be any reporters
probably not, well okay
we still came here to play
and play yes we did
from our hearts can you dig
so you’re saying please don’t bore me
there’s two sides to every story
so put down your iphones
and listen to the trombones...

{ instrumental... }

{ vocals... }
all aboard to mystery way...
all aboard to mystery way...