birdwell, storrs, jazz, duo, music, percussion, improvisation Rob Birdwell and Dave Storrs perform as a duo and with special guests.

Rob Birdwell Dave Storrs Duo

The Rob Birdwell / Dave Storrs "Duo" series of performances are all about two musicians creating music in the moment.  The duo will typically have two drum sets, various percussion, horns, keys, effects (and who knows what else) on stage.  Readings & stories from their respective journals are also part of the offering.

It's a music creation experience - the two perfom from the emotional core of their beings.  Their music is intended to transform and engage.  Their music will be offered to the wind and go where it goes.

Be the wind.  Join us for an evening of music.

Our Most Recent Performance

Imagine Coffee - Friday, March 29, 2013 7:30pm