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Rob Birdwell Solo Show for Greenbelt Land Trust

Photo by Frey Birdwell Photo by Christel Birdwell

Live Audio & Enhanced Mixes

I took the live audio feed from mixer and did some enhanced audio mixes. There's something special about performing in the moment, even if I'm only playing solo or with a machine. This was an emotional performance, given all that was going on in the world at this particular time. Enjoy! -RB

Recording Date: Saturday June 6, 2020 @ 6pm (PST)

Acknowledgements / Credits:

Set List:

Program Notes:

Solemn is an instrumental and improvisational setting. It's part meditation, reflection, and prayer.

Anna May came about from seeing a Google Doodle honoring the actress Anna May Wong (Wong Liu Tsong, born 1905). It launched me into research about her life and times and I hope this will draw your attention to her as well.

Quietly is a song I've been howling through for a couple years now in various arrangements. Here's a yet another for this occasion.

Thanks for listening, watching, and being present. I hope we can connect in person sometime soon!

Stay safe and be well.

Words, music & production by Rob Birdwell
Copyright © 2020 Rob Birdwell

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