bossa nova, flugelhorn, original song, iReal Pro An original bossa nova tune by Rob Birdwell (c) 2022 with iReal Pro file format a PDF for playing along.

Robossa - iReal Pro Chords

Robossa (you gotta roll the "R" when you say it, just because I say you do!) is a bossa nova tune I wrote with my name in it! Every composer is allowed at least one of these, so this one is mine!


Here are links to a Robossa iReal Pro PDF and Robossa iReal Pro Format file (HTML) so you can play along and shed the chords yourself!

* * * * * * * *

The sheet music for Robossa is not formally "published" but will be at some point. I found it fruitful to have the chords in iReal Pro so I could shed and work out the melody. I think I came up with the chords and form first, but had some fragmented ideas as to how the melody should go.

The tune lays nicely on Flugelhorn for me and I enjoy playing it - hope you do too! :)