blue macabre, rob birdwell, songs, horns An original song from Rob Birdwell's solo CD, Blue Macabre.

Beautiful Moments

Track Cover Art for Beautiful Moments

"Beautiful Moments" features a live "duo" recording with Rob on vocals and the absolutely terrific Dave Leslie on piano. The two performed this track "live" in Dave's West Linn studio. The song pays hommage to the past - past love, friends, mentors and special times, particularly those prior to this so-called "social" era. "I can google your name / but I won't find a trace / of those beautiful moments / from another time and place."   Dave Leslie's piano playing on this track is exquisite - performing a live vocal and piano duo was something new for these two and Dave's sensitivity and musicality helped to make it all gel.  Rob offers no apologies to the Bing search engine stating "Bing just didn't sing as well...maybe in another song someday." You can watch and listen to the live performance that this track was mastered from on YouTube here

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