blue macabre, rob birdwell, songs, horns An original song from Rob Birdwell's solo CD, Blue Macabre.

Swimming Upstream (unplugged mix)

Track Cover Art for Swimming Upstream (unplugged mix)

"Swimming Upstream (unplugged mix)" is offered as a unique insight into how a track can take on a very different character once all the baggage of production layers are stripped away. The track consists solely of Rob's vocal and Creighton Lindsay's fine guitar work. While mixing Rob noted that it sounded complete that way and sort of demonstrated the heart and soul of the song without all the bells, whistles and bunting. Rob did indulge in adding an intimate plunger trumpet solo to take the place of the "power horn section" soli - still, it's Creighton's fabulous guitar playing (and a single take too) and Rob's vocal that carry the majority of the track.

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