blue macabre, rob birdwell, songs, horns An original song from Rob Birdwell's solo CD, Blue Macabre.

Swimming Upstream

Track Cover Art for Swimming Upstream

"Swimming Upstream" is another blues inspired rocker. The lyrical analogy should be clear - life is frickin' hard! Our dreams are never easily realized. Still, we must "kick that can" and "stick it to the man." The horns are once again featured (Rob playing trumpet, cornet, and tenor sax) and then the talented Creighton Lindsay delivers a stellar slide guitar solo. (For more about Creighton Lindsay, checkout his site: While the desire to "surf that tide and get high to a Love Supreme" may be whimsical folly (yet careful listeners will catch the Coletrane quote at the end of the song) the sentiment is universal: follow your dreams, even if it means swimming upstream, going against the grain, against the wind, or over the river and through the woods. Do your thing with everything ya got! Rob heartily thanks Creighton Lindsay for his amazing slide guitar work - he is an artist with great depth his contribution to the track was an incredible gift. Here's a pre-mastered/mixed version of the tune with an animated fish that help illustrate the song in a different way

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