blue macabre, rob birdwell, songs, horns An original song from Rob Birdwell's solo CD, Blue Macabre.

Them Bones

Track Cover Art for Them Bones

"Them Bones" is all about bones. It features Rob's vocals of course, but also him on just about everything else. His tenor sax dubs echo in a bone-chilling way and his plunger muted solo trumpet work paints around the skeleton of the tune. Meanwhile, the one-and-only Dave Storrs is featured on "bone" percussion and drums as the track builds. Dave Storrs was a major source of wisdom and inspiration throughout this recording and production process. The recording process for Dave's contribution was not only spontaneous, but spot on. Dave played the set just one time and stopped at the end of the tune abruptly with track even though he was hearing it for the first time! Dave Storrs is one of the true giants of music - a prolific and creative force as a composer and leader. Rob has been working and collaborating with Dave Storrs for several years now on various projects - here's to many more to come! Read more about Dave Storrs here

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