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Rob Birdwell

Rob Birdwell is composer, arranger, conductor, songwriter, and performer.  He attended the University of Idaho then moved to L.A. to study at the Dick Grove School of Music.  Rob is a graduate of Dick Grove's Composing & Arranging Program.

Rob is primarily a Trumpet/Flugelhorn player although over the years he's picked up other instruments either out of necessity or just plain curiosity including:  bass, piano, drums/percussion, vocals, mandolin, and tenor sax.

Rob has studied with some fantastic teachers:  Bill Wicker (Tillicum Junior High), Gary Walker (Sammamish High), Bob McCurdy & Dan Bukvich (University of Idaho), Del Hartman (his main trumpet teacher for many years), Roy Cummings (University of Washington), Dick Grove (Grove School of Music), Jack Feierman (conducting at Grove), David Angel (film scoring at Grove), and others. 

Some of Rob Birdwell's musical highlights (so far) include:

Rob Birdwell performs with a variety of local and regional arts including Halie Loren, The Nettles, Dave Storrs and 5th & B, Sideways Portal, The Svens, Creighton Lindsay, and many others.  He has written hundreds of songs for both vocal and instrumental settings, has several independent "solo" CDs released, and an ever-growing number of charts and arrangements.

Rob believes that the study and performance of music is a life-long journey - he's still learning!

Rob Birdwell photos

Various photos of Rob Birdwell and friends!

Rob in Macau, China with Halie Loren and band! Rob with Halie Loren and band! Rob with Halie and band at Beach Rob's been an active swimmer since childhood and he continues on swimming and sometimes competes in US Masters meets! Rob has worked with the Greenbelt Land Trust team for several shows to entertain and for outreach.


"How Many Times" opens the set and features Rob on vocals and all instruments. After the first verse, Rob plays a flugelhorn solo and then after another verse he switches over to take a tenor sax solo (a relatively new instrument for Rob and somehow almost rivals his flugel solo). Then we hear a bit of musical development and into a short flugelhorn/tenor sax soli. Rob wraps up the tune with the question: "How many times will we close our eyes and ears / to all reason and compassion / see only shadows and not the tears / how many times will we read that sad headline? / looks like one more time..."
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