storrs, hundemer, bliss, birdwell Sideways Portal - jazz, experimental, groove, funky, and forgiving. In September of 2007, musician Dave Storrs and I crossed paths one day while I was going to pick up my "crappy Chrysler" at the repair shop. (It's actually not so crappy!) And thanks to the timing of that vehicular breakdown, Dave invited me and some other terrific players (John Bliss, Page Hundemer, Steve Willis, and Mike Curtis) to his Corvallis studio for a jam session. Right out of the gate there was a very good vibe with the music and sounds we were making and, to date, we've compiled quite a number of fine recordings.

Sideways Portal

Sideways Portal is the musical collaboration between musicians Dave Storrs(Percussion), Page Hundemer  (Bass), Rob Birdwell  (Trumpet/Flugelhorn), and  John Bliss  (Guitar).

Jazz, experimental, percussion, space, free, forgiveness - these  are some of the traits of this ensemble.

The group has morphed somewhat and will certainly evolve.  5th & B is a related group project.