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Various selections from The Lubians!


The Look of Love (Lubian Style)

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"The Look of Love" - lyrics by Hal David.  The Lubians' musical rendition was spontaneous and appropriates the lyrics for use in this Lubian sonic setting that hopefully channels some of Burt Bacharach's musky mojo as well.

Dave Storrs (drums), Dave Leslie (piano/samples), Page Hundemer (bass), John Jensen (flugelhorn), Rob Birdwell (vocals & flugelhorn)


A Pretty One

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This one sounded pretty, in a Lubian sort of way - which is somewhat universal.


Ambience Chasing

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There are no lawyers in Lubia...but there are ambience chasers.  Sonic seekers of the good and wonder of everything related to anything that vibrates, thinks or dreams.


Bye-Ya (Monk)

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Yes, this band can swing!


Dust Bunny

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Sometimes the sound just reminds you of something.  Here, The Lubians conjure the sound a Dust Bunny makes before it is sucked into the vacuum. 


Echoes of Blue

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The Lubians perceive colors differently from Earthlings - but something about Blue haunts them.  A desire to curl up in the color sometimes overwhelms them; they relieve the tension by making music in honor of Blue.


Far Away Through The Galaxy

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Lubians are known throughout the universe for their spontaneous storytelling abilities through music.  Here's one such yarn - the story of a great, great grand daddy and his encounter with a Lubian space ship.   Pale blue dot indeed...  


Fluffy and the Trident

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Ancient Lubian folklore brings us this sonic ballad. Lubian children can sing along to every note of this.


Fortress of Mañana

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Lubian time runs a bit different.  Fortress of Mañana is another epic ballad that reflects on the things that are known to happen.  You see, in Lubia, only the past is uncertain.


Gaze Into The Abyss

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You don't need to look - the Lubians have already done it for you.  All you need do is listen, then you will know.


Little Davey Goes To NYC

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Another spontaneous and true account of little Davey and his trip to NYC!  Pop-up picture book sold separately.


Lull Ah Bye

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It was hard to say goodbye to Lull - but in the end, the band sighed and said, "Lull...ah....bye."  (It was a funny joke!) In Lubia, "bye" is a nonsense word since we're all inextricably connected.


Matrix Ritual

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Enjoy this Lubian ritual - it involves two Xyanthia eggs (they're enormous), sweat of a Phranxshimler (from southern Lubia) and various kitchen utinsils.


One For Portland

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Dave Leslie inspires this title with his metro-hipster tickling of the the (synthetic) ivories.


One Of Those Songs

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It's written (don't ask where) that every collection of music needs to have a tune like this - well, this is one of those songs.


Radio Unfriendly

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Most Lubian transmissions are not suitable for Earth radio waves anyway - and this is yet another example.  Do not attempt to play this on the radio - it's a very radio unfriendly track.


Side Effects Include

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The list could go on and on, but here are a few: dancing, singing, unexplained feelings of happiness, and wearing bunny slippers inappropriately.

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Ugly Little Mutt

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The most requested song at Lubian weddings.

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