Beautiful Moments

This song is about memories - poignant times in life. "I can Google your name / but I won't find a trace / of those beautiful moments / from another time and place...

I'd written this song a while back but could never figure out how to record it (and perhaps I wasn't ready - maybe I'm still not!) - my own demos on vocal/piano just didn't seem to capture that special "something." So I made a date with fellow Lubian and musician/composer extraordinaire Dave Leslie. We recorded other tracks, but for this particular one I set up my three chinsy video cameras to (hopefully) capture a "live" performance. And we did! First take too. Dave was definitely that special "something" - with his playing I could feed off his energy and together we made this very special recording. I hope you enjoy it.

  • Beautiful Moments - words and music by Rob Birdwell
  • Dave Leslie - piano 
  • Rob Birdwell - vocals