video, music, lyric, song, coming, home, rob birdwell, jazz A lyric video featuring Rob Birdwell on vocal, flugelhorn, and other instruments.

Coming Home

This track features me, Rob Birdwell, performing the lead vocal, flugelhorn, and all backing tracks. This visual presentation is one of my first attempts at a "lyric" video. Hopefully the mix of stock footage and some of my own obfuscations will at least be forgiven and hopefully slightly interesting. I used the back of a poster to to serve as my chroma key backing for my flugelhorn faux playing scenes - just one of many things I'm experimenting with to help showcase, well, the song of course!

This tune, "Coming Home" is the opening track on my release "The Past Is Present" (available on Google Play and CD Baby) and is one of the more recent demos in that collection.

The lyric, like most of my work, a product of complete fantasy as I haven't been to a single place mentioned in the lyrics. But the sentiment is true and something I think we all can relate to: that feeling of being far away in this modern age, either physically or emotionally.

Words and music by Rob Birdwell and Copyright © Rob Birdwell