songs, 2021, quietly, cd, rob birdwell, vocal, flugelhorn, ukulele, dave trenkel, unity recording, corvallis, oregon A collection of nine original songs written, produced and performed by Rob Birdwell. Mastered by Dave Trenkel at Unity Recording


Quietly features nine original songs written, performed, and produced by Rob Birdwell and was mastered by Dave Trenkel at Unity Recording.  It's available on just about every major streaming service. Contact me if you're interested in purchasing a physical CD from me directly.

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Morning was written during the late summer of the pandemic in 2020. I'd recently purchased a ukulele as I was feeling a bit down (who wasn't?) and thought it might cheer me up. (If I were a stand-up comedian, I'd open this story with, "You know, a guy needs something small to play with once in a while.") The ukulele was sort of my own pandemic pet, only this one didn't bark and all I needed to do was strum it. As I began to learn chords and fumble my way on the instrument I found myself writing songs on it. I honestly didn't expect that to happen. I normally write at the piano, so this was sort of a new experience. As many may recount, the pandemic produced a fair amount anxiety in friends, family, co-workers, and in the community. And though I was privileged in so many ways (able to work from home, family close by, a community that encouraged mask-wearing and social distancing, and a pool that I could finally swim in regularly) I still found myself experiencing a sense of dread like I'd seldom experienced before. The ability to be creative, to laugh and be at ease - these things seemed elusive, especially at night. But waking up after a fitful night's sleep I would find those feelings mostly gone, vanishing with slumber, at least for a while. The morning was a welcome time and with the sun shining there was hope even during a very uncertain time. So the song became a bit therapeutic for me in some ways. It's a song I wrote for me and sang to myself, over and over, night after night. Playing and singing it got me through a funk and allowed me to imagine a world where there wasn't an awful weight of despair.
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