Live Videos

Various videos of Rob Birdwell and friends performing live.

That's How Strong My Love Is

Rob Birdwell (aka "Saxy" Sven) sings with The Svens on this Otis Redding classic. This clip captures the final chorus and ending/bows.

  • Viking (guitar)
  • Rob Birdwell (vocals/tenor sax)
  • Jake Bansmer (guitar)
  • Dan Bregar (drums)
  • Will Allen (bass)

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Green Flugel Hornet

This is The Svens' rendition and adaptation of the Billy May classic "Green Hornet Theme" - adapted for Flugelhorn and dubbed "Green Flugel Hornet" and played by Rob Birdwell. While at the Grove School of music Rob actually got the chance to meet Billy May - it was one of Dick Grove's Sunday afternoon guest lectures and not to be missed! What an great tune by Billy. Anyway, The Svens do their best to keep that spirit alive. This was The Svens' debut performance of this tune. As "Sven" said after the show: "Jag, we'll most surely figure out ways to screw this tune up in the future, but on this night it went pretty good, jag!"

  • Viking: guitar, narrator and leader
  • SaxySven: Flugelhorn
  • StickySven: Drums
  • BasSven: Bass
  • Sven: Organ

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Robert Briggs Reading and Performance

Robert Briggs read from his book "Ruined Time" at this Corvallis Art Center performance.


This clip features mostly Robert Brigg's reading - the musical entrances/segues were somewhat planned out but open to our own invention.  It was really nice to meet Robert and his wife Diana.  They were both so friendly and I always look forward to the next time our paths cross.

Here's a link to Robert Brigg's book, Ruined Time

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