swimming, music, solemn, covid-19, corvallis, osborn Rob Birdwell swimming after a three months out of the water - cause for celebration! Backing track is a live recording of Rob performing his piece "Solemn".

Swim & Solemn

I'm a swimmer - it's something I love to do. For me it's the perfect activity for mind, body, and spirit. Rivers, lakes, or ocean will do - but honestly I'm most comfy in the chlorinated blue waters following that little black line.

It never gets boring. I can get lost in my thoughts and the sensation of the water brings me peace. I can shut the world out and feel a connection to something both familiar and ever changing. Something that is gentle and welcoming, but also something that demands respect and humility.

It had been three months since my last swim. Thanks to Osborn Aquatic Center's new "reserve a lane" program I was able to get in a 40 minute swim. I only went 1300 meters but was so happy to experience the water again. Hopefully this can continue - I thought the staff and admin team did a great job. No contact, no showering... just go to your lane and swim, then get out and go home! Loved it!

It felt weird to be back in - I wasn't entirely thrashing, but that hard-earned feel for the water, the stroke, timing, and rhythm will be off for a while, but that's okay. The music track is me on Flugelhorn and Trumpet performing "live" (with my loop pedal) for the Greenbelt Land Trust's Music on the Land series on June 6, 2020.

I call the setting "Solemn" and in some ways it echos my feeling for being in the water. It's something a bit sacred to me. Three months out of the water felt much longer. I've had this little video camera with a water-proof case for a while now, and it seemed like a great occasion to capture this brief but special moment.

My set - 1300 meters:

  • 500 free
  • 10 x 50s on the 1:00
  • 300 various drills, underwater, filming, having fun!