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"My Muse" is a fanciful reflection on that spirit or force that inspires our creativity. The muse, in this case, is personified into a siren of sorts - an imagined romantic object of affection. "My muse is hard to find / can hardly call her mine / where she goes I never know / Playful as the breeze / she walks away with ease / to love her is to let her go..." And of course what could better showcase romance than a flugelhorn solo? This song is one of Rob's favorite to sing and play on - the chords are jazzy, the vocal melody soars to heights that are challenging, the horn lines flow like butter without trying too hard, and the whole track is ultimately intoxicating. Love, loss and longing are all present and accounted for in this one.
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Feeling Good

Rob Birdwell's arrangement of Feeling Good for Halie Loren and her band. Words and Music by Anthony Newley & Leslie Bricusse. Featuring the Corvallis-OSU Symphony Orchestra, Halie Loren (vocals), Matt Treder (piano), Mark Schneider (bass), Bill Marsh (guitar), Brian West (drums), Rob Birdwell (arranger/conductor).  Audio engineering/recording by George Relles and Diana Robson.

Memories of Senegal

LMNO perform Memories of Senegal live for a Funk in the Forest concert. Featuring Rob Birdwell (trumpet/keys), Nick Rivard (guitar), Page Hundemer (bass), and Brian Bucolo (drums)

Arrangements by Rob Birdwell

I've always been interested in ways to express ideas and emotions through music. As a kid I would write my own lyrics to popular songs. As I learned to play trumpet I would create my own melodies. As I became interested in singing I began to learn more about chord progressions. By the time I was in college I started to get more serious about trying to compose and arrange - turns out it was hard! I attended the Grove School of Music and Dick Grove's teachings would provide me with a solid foundation and I'm still building upon that and continue to learn with every new song, composition or arrangement.

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Cry Me A River featuring Katie Smith

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